After each ECB session, we asked students and teachers to fill out evaluations.

Part of the evaluation asked to students were open-ended questions. Below are some of the responses to the two questions.

Something I found interesting about the session was:

  • they all had similar stories but just a different name for their God
  • that everyone is different/different perspectives
  • appreciate honesty, and the comfort level to ask any questions
  • interfaith marriage exist

Something this workshop has made me more interested in:

  • How can you be a feminist and Muslim?
  • I want to know about the traditional way of practicing their religions
  • Do you get criticized by people from the same religion following a different school or non-believers?
  • Is is hard to follow the Torah?
  • What conflicts do you go through today?

We also asked teachers to evaluate the program so we can continue improving and meeting the various needs of the students. Below are some of the teacher’s comments.

  • Awareness of faith and culture and coexistence of shared features of culture even as faith structures celebrate uniquely.
  • Students were exposed to very different values than their own.
  • I expect the discussion around Humanism and focus on humans n the center of the world will bring new thought to learning.
  • In my class, we are comparing the “peoples of the book” so this was perfectly timed.
  • We’ve already booked another session!!!
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