The Encountering Cultures and Beliefs is a great opportunity for teachers to bring Interfaith Dialogue to the classroom without much “work”.

The Encountering Cultures & Beliefs (ECB) Workshop is an innovative program that brings diversity education into high school classrooms. ECB workshops, designed to last between sixty to ninety minutes, bring together three trained speakers from different faith/belief traditions, as well as a trained facilitator. In each workshop, the speakers share short personal narratives about their religious or cultural backgrounds, and how their faiths and beliefs inform their daily lives. Students are then given the opportunity to engage speakers in a facilitated conversation.

ECB is different than a traditional lecture on religious diversity because it:

  • Introduces students to people from different cultures and faiths in “real life” instead of from textbooks or through media portrayals. Key to the workshop is that speakers are not members of clergy; they are “regular” people.
  • Highlights how people have different and complex relationships with their culture and beliefs.
  • Models a safe way to engage in meaningful dialogue, even around sensitive issues.
  • Exemplifies good relations between people of different backgrounds.

ECB is appropriate for use in public, private, and faith-based schools and is taught in accordance with the First Amendment Center Guidelines on teaching about religion in public schools. These Guidelines can be found on the First Amendment Center website.

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